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Do you take commissions?:

I do! Commissions are £18 for a brand new design which includes a fully bespoke designing session with me to ensure your design is exactly how you want it and nothing less.


Is there a tracking code?:

If you paid for tracked delivery at checkout, you will automatically receive a tracking code with your shipping confirmation. If you only paid for standard delivery then there is no tracking. ETA for UK orders is within 1 week, European orders 1-3 weeks. Rest of the world is 2-5 weeks.


Can you make me a first edition Charizard?:

No! I will not make any designs of actual Pokemon cards, I’m a designer not a counterfeiter.

As well, all sales are final and once production has started cannot be changed or refunded. If you message to cancel an order before I have started production there will be a brief window in which I will do so gratuitously but all cancellation requests after that will be denied or will incur a 50% fee to accommodate for the time and resources already spent on the order.


And then this is just a reminder but please, please, please check your addresses are correct! It happens more than it should when buyers spell their address incorrectly or leave important bits of it out. All this means is you won’t be able to receive your card as it will be sent somewhere else or your shipment will be delayed if I recognise the address looks wrong!



       Thank you all!


Any further questions or enquiries:

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